Session 99: Craft Beer Festival

Jun 30, 2011

So remember last weekend when I though it would be a good idea to bring a disposable camera to the Craft Beer Festival? Well I got my pictures back and lets just say I'm so glad we live in a digital era! Some pictures turned out and others, well I'm not sure what happened in that little cardboard box when I pressed the shutter!

The festival was busy but not jam packed, plenty of room to walk around and no long lines at the booths. I sampled a lot of lagers, most were pretty good but some were infused with the oddest things (like rum)! I felt compelled to try them because they had names like Robo-hop and Tank-n-stein and who can resist that? A few companies like Flying Monkey Beer (click the link, their site's amazing and a little bit crazy!) served brews that are only available seasonally so I sampled many beers I'd never tried before. 

It was a pretty fun weekend and I can hardly believe the weekends here again! Tomorrow is a national holiday, Canada Day, which means the day off, friends & fireworks :)

1st photos: F21 necklace & crochet shawl, Seven jeans, FCUK fringe purse.
2nd photos: shawl Wilfred (Aritzia), shirt FLuXus

9 thoughts:

  1. Looks like great fun. The only problem with my DSLR camera is that it is so heavy. I end up leaving it at home lots.

  2. This sounds like lots of fun! I love tasting festivals! I love the photo of you with your suit case and gorgeous lace shawl! I know you said not all of your disposable photos came out but these that you've posted look really good! I think I might get a disposable for the weekend!

  3. Love the feather necklace... hope to see it again soon!

  4. Haha, Ive been wanting to try a disposable cam again. Maybe not such a good idea now. There were a lot of wasted pics I remember.


  5. The disposable camera was pretty easy to use, there weren't as many wasted pictures as I imagined. The flash was so strong and a lot of pictures weren't that great because everyone looked like Casper! The camera really washes people out!

  6. ha-ha! i get it. my pix taken with old school film were hideous back in the day. not that they've improved all that much. great photo of you & the guy with your beer.

  7. What a gorgeous necklace and shawl and you and your guy are such a cute couple!


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