a year in review part 2 - the emergence of sunday series

Jan 1, 2014

(some of the many, many photos from this year taking up memory on my iPhone & some from my instagram too)

Happy New Years! We spent the evening at our friend's place (a couple who also have a baby), eating Chinese take-out and drinking champagne mixed with chambord while watching the New Years Eve countdown on t.v. It was a great night, a late one too, but it was worth it. Tavi enjoyed visiting with her little friend (aka playing with toys that were new to her) and it was great to catch up and hang out like old times. After toasting and ringing in 2014 at midnight I tried sending text messages to friends and family, but the wireless network was so overloaded nothing would go through! 

This year I didn't make an official resolution, though I thought about it a lot. Basically there are a lot of general things I'd like to improve on (read more, give back more, be kinder, text less and talk more etc) rather than one big goal. It's kind of weird not writing out a plan on how I'm going to achieve my new years resolution this year, but there really isn't one big goal I'd like to accomplish.

Putting this post together allowed me to reflect on all that has happened over the last year and all the new things that have come along with motherhood. It took hours to go through the pictures; I kept showing Jay all the old photos of Tavi and together we remembered those crazy first few months that flew by in a sleep deprived haze. I appreciate that you guys have stuck around and allowed me room to grow, that I can write about clothes and obsess over all things bohemian but also share bits of the big changes happening in my personal life too, so thank you!

a year in review part 1 - outfits can be found here!

14 thoughts:

  1. Happy New Year! It is always so fun going through photos of those first few months with a baby. It does go by so fast! Your NYE celebration sounds very similar to mine. I am glad you had a fun night!

  2. what a great year! you have a beautiful family :)



  3. I think general more...mindfulness about doing things you already do is a good goal. Do you usually make plans on how to achieve your resolutions?

    1. I usually make one resolution and write out a plan on how to achieve it, then stick with it :)

  4. such nice pics


  5. Happy New Year! I love your kimono-sleeve tunic – it's so unique!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  6. Happy New Year! I hope you have an amazing 2014 <3

    Ellen xx

  7. Beauitful pictures! I love how you can see the wee one getting bigger and bigger. ;)

    I almost didn't mean resolutions, then I resolved to keep them to myself, then I posted it on facebook anyways. Such is my life. XD



    1. ha ha that sounds like something I would do (back when I had facebook)!

  8. Beautiful recount of your year. I think Sunday series is such a wonderful way to keep a record of your precious everyday life with your daughter and husband.

    I like your mindful goals.

    Happy 2014 again, hope the first week went well for you and family :)

  9. Such beautiful photos. Happy New Year to your little family!

  10. I love that you added the Sunday series! Makes it a little more personal than clothes :)

    Happy New Year!

  11. All of these pictures are sweet, cute or yummy thanks for sharing. Happy New Year

  12. I loved all of these pictures. You are so beautiful, and Tavi looks just like you!


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